Is Your Company Doing the Right Things to Appeal to Gen Y?

How do you attract Gen Y workers? By 2025, it is said that Gen Y (also known as "Millenials") will make up 75% of the workforce. Born between 1980 and 2000, Gen Ys are now of the age to be joining the workforce, post college, and as the baby boomers continue to exit the system, the Gen Ys will soon become the majority of the workforce. With that in mind, while the way you attract talent has worked well in the past, it needs to change since Gen Yers think differently, act differently and perform differently. To attract the best Millennials you need to appeal their uniqueness.

  • Use social media. All Millennials own (or will own soon) at least two mobile devices, ranging from smartphones to iPads to tablets. Gartner estimates that 102 billion apps were downloaded in 2013. Why not create an app to keep people up to speed on the latest job openings and career options available at your company? Gen Y is glued to their devices, so you might consider letting them apply for jobs through a friendly app.
  • Be visual. Gen Y doesn't like boring. Think about creating an infographic about a job you have posted. Be creative, make the job come to life so prospective candidates can picture themselves working for you. We have recently started exploring infographics at SIG. Not only do they allow you to communicate a lot of information, but they are also visually appealing and easy-to-read.
  • Text them. 41% of teens and college students who submitted essays for the AWeber Email Marketing Scholarship said "Email, like many forms of communication, is dying out." "With the use of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr...our need for email is continually decreasing." While email is a norm within our companies, it is not necessarily the best way to reach the Millenial generation. Reach them through their preferred communication channels. You might consider texting them that you sent them a job offer in order for them to know it is in their inbox.
  • Find the channel that gets the right content in front of potential hires. Nowadays we see that LinkedIn, Twitter, GlassDoor and many other sites may be entered through a person's FaceBook page...why you ask? Because by doing so they are telling their hundreds/thousands of "friends" that they are using these sites.

Gen Yers were raised in a just-in-time, service-oriented environment which means they want instant gratification. Therefore, stringing out a Gen Y about a potential job almost ensures you will lose them to another employer who acted more quickly. As a Gen X/Baby Boomer cusp person, even I respond to texts. In the past 30 minutes alone, I have answered 4 iMessages (including one about a baby bird my son found and sent with a caption "may I keep it?"), responded to 2 Skypes, Googled "baby birds and what do to when you find one," and checked my email multiple times while simultaneously authoring this blog. If I am doing this at my slightly advanced age, we know that we need to change the way we communicate with potential employees!

Dawn Tiura, President & CEO, SIG

Dawn Tiura, CEO and President of SIG, SIG University and Outsource, has over 26 years leadership experience, with the past 22 years focused on the sourcing and outsourcing industry. In 2007, Dawn joined SIG as CEO, but has been active in SIG as a speaker and trusted advisor since 1999, bringing the latest developments in sourcing and outsourcing to SIG members. Prior to joining SIG, Dawn held leadership positions as CEO of Denali Group and before that as a partner in a CPA firm. Dawn is actively involved on a number of boards promoting civic, health and children's issues in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Dawn is a licensed CPA and has a BA from the University of Michigan and an MS in taxation from Golden Gate University. Dawn brings to SIG a culture of brainstorming and internal innovation.