Writing the Managed Print Services (MPS) RFP

Date :May 03, 2011 07:00 pm EST
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Canon Business Process Services

About every four years organizations replace the office print, copy, fax equipment due to the wear and tear or lease termination. Savvy organizations have learned from analysts that if they change from a machine replacement strategy to a managed print strategy they can reduce the total cost of print about 10 to 30%. But, what used to be a simple machine replacement RFP, now is a service RFP. This webinar will focus on writing the RFP for MPS services? What should you ask? What is important in MPS? On what part of the RFP should you spend your time and effort? Experts from Océ Business Services a Canon Group Company will discuss MPS and the RFP requirements putting you on the fast track. All sourcing/procurement, IT, and management professionals who might procure office print equipment should attend. This webinar will save you time, help you write a better RFP, and give you the information to tell the difference between a real MPS SERVICE and the look-alike cost per copy sales model.