Workforce Transformation – Procurement’s Role in Total Talent Management

Date :March 07, 2019 01:00 pm EST
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The world of work has fundamentally changed and talent scarcity has become the norm in all industries. As companies strive to optimize their workforces, they’re finding that balancing talent demand with many sources of supply has become increasingly difficult. Leading organizations are concluding it is time for a new “talent forward” strategy to manage the entire workforce. Given that labor is a complex supply chain and often the largest spend category, Procurement is uniquely qualified to partner with HR/Talent Acquisition (TA) to develop and execute a strategy for transforming the entire workforce.

Key Learnings:

Learn why Procurement leaders should partner with their HR/TA colleagues and take their workforce program to the next level by creating a comprehensive “talent forward” strategy. In this webinar, we’ll explore: 

  • The importance of building relationships and aligning with key internal stakeholders 
  • Discovering and understanding your current worker usage and spend
  • Crafting a vision of your future workforce, and developing the strategic sourcing plan to deliver it to your organization
  • Optimizing your talent supply chain and procurement process, so that you’re efficiently fulfilling talent demand from the most appropriate talent suppliers
  • Expand spend under management to include talent suppliers like SOW, small services providers, online staffing that often fly under the radar
  • Best practices that are delivering total talent results today