Why the Agile Workforce Will Be Critical for 2020 (and Beyond)

Date :August 13, 2020 01:00 pm EST
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Businesses are in flux, balancing challenging times with trepidation over global economic reopenings. Like other past economic crises, this crisis has hastened trends that we were already seeing, specifically the increased usage and importance of contingent labor. 

While the contingent, or agile, workforce has been a critical component of how companies can thrive in an increasingly competitive and globalized business world, current conditions are actively placing the utmost emphasis on the cost, quality, efficiency, and productivity value-drivers of this workforce. Times of crisis force us to adapt and change, and hence we are now facing an earlier realization of the future of work. 

Join this webinar as Christopher Dwyer, Vice President, Research, Ardent and Steven Knapp, Director, CCW, Coupa will discuss:

  • How businesses can harness the power of emerging talent channels to maximize workforce flexibility
  • Why the contingent workforce is rightfully positioned for increased growth and impact for 2020 (and beyond)
  • The best-in-class strategies for transforming contingent workforce management in uncertain times

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