When it Comes to Sourcing, ERPs Can’t Do It All: Here’s How Modular Software Solutions Help

Date :May 02, 2019 07:00 pm EST
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 Most enterprise organizations use a procurement module within a traditional ERP to facilitate major purchasing decisions. While ERPs can do a lot, they most often leave some critical sourcing activities like evaluations, to be conducted ‘offline.’ Does this sound familiar? From the time you receive the submission, evaluate with appropriate stakeholders, and analyze results, chances are that you’re required to complete part of the process through other channels because the system isn’t flexible enough to work with your process. Here lies a gap in your ERP that can lead to detrimental risks in your organization. To solve for this, companies are turning to modular esourcing solutions that work alongside their existing ERPs. Learn how out-of-box sourcing solutions can be leveraged to support traditional ERPs, and avoid unwanted risk.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Realize the challenges and associated risks of using an ERP system for RFx activities.
  • Understand how the entire strategic sourcing workflow can be completed online to complement your existing ERP system.
  • Discover what you’ll be able to capture utilizing a stand-alone sourcing solution and their related, advantageous results.
  • Leverage data analytics to make smart sourcing decisions, easily.