Unleashing the Power of Data in Supply Chain Management: An Insightful Analysis of SIG Research Findings

Date :September 07, 2023 07:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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Embark on a journey through data's impactful role in supply chain management in this exclusive webinar, featuring a comprehensive discussion between John Delligatti, Director of Digital Supply Chain Transformation at SDI, and an industry-leading analyst from Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). Together, they delve into SIG's transformative whitepaper research findings, sharing enlightening insights and demonstrating practical ways to bridge the gap between the promise of data and the realization of its benefits in today's supply chains.


In this webinar, you will discover:


1.   The Real Impact of AI and Big Data on Procurement: Reflect on SIG's assertion that AI is enhancing procurement's ability to digest and analyze data. Understand how SDI is leveraging AI-driven solutions in supply chain management, enabling the efficient analysis of large volumes of data, and advancing procurement operations.


2.   The Power of Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management: Learn how to capitalize on predictive analytics to automate significant parts of the procurement process, as suggested by SIG. Uncover how this automation enables procurement professionals to proactively manage their extended supply chains and respond swiftly to disruptions.


3.   The Importance of Comprehensive Spend Category Management: Discuss SIG's proposal to use big data for the proactive identification and management of all spend categories, including tail spend. Learn from SDI's expertise on how effective data management practices can help avoid ignoring 80% of your suppliers, thereby optimizing procurement operations.


4.   Unleashing the Potential of Data Availability in Supply Chain Management: SDI's John Delligatti adds a vital 'fifth D' to SIG's Four D's of Digital Success - Data Quality, Data Access, Data Compliance, and Data Security. He emphasizes data availability — securing the right data, in the correct format, at the crucial time — as a key to effective supply chain management.


5.   Bridging Data Silos for Unified Business Operations: Understand the importance of breaking down data silos across departments for a more unified approach to business operations. Discover how SDI is leveraging advanced data analytics to bridge these gaps.


6.   Achieving Business Resilience through Data Literacy: As the need for data literacy surges, learn how to harness it effectively to identify issues, plan for continuity, prevent overspending, and de-risk the supply chain.


Join us as we unveil how data holds the power to transform not just procurement, but organizations as a whole. Let's act on the promise of data together.