Trusted Advisor: Standardizing and Transforming Indirect Procurement

Date :November 02, 2017 07:00 pm EST
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Scout RFP

The impact of indirect procurement is anything but small – in many organizations, it makes up in excess of $1 billion of the enterprise’s spend – yet few resources have been devoted to perfecting its processes.

Larry Wood, Chief Procurement Director at Intuit, wants to change that. In this webinar, find out how standardizing indirect procurement can have a transformative effect on the organization. Learn how adopting a standard not only tackles the issues that face indirect procurement today, but also helps procurement become a “trusted advisor” within the business while simultaneously driving cost savings.

The Indirect Procurement Standard consists of five key areas:

  • Planning and leadership
  • Key procurement business processes
  • Key support processes
  • People management 
  • People performance



Larry Wood - Chief Procurement Director, Intuit

Stan Garber - President, Scout