Third-party Risk: Be Prepared and Collaborate for Better Results

Date :October 20, 2020 01:00 pm EST
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“Who are our critical suppliers? Are they able to support our requirements given the COVID-19 disruptions?” Every procurement leader and team faced these concerns with more urgency and relevance than ever earlier this year. Knowing critical suppliers, clear insights to ongoing performance and risks, and having relationships to lean on shouldn’t start during a crisis. Our business continuity aligned with supplier business continuity is the foundation for effective action and results.

 Effective collaboration around third party risk isn’t just about meetings and communications. It requires the people, process, and systems are integrated to ensure collaboration isn’t forced, but a natural part of people doing their jobs. 

In addition to Graphite CEO and 26 year procurement veteran, hear first hand from Jared Justus, the current Head of Adobe Procurement, about their integrated 3rd party risk process and the formation of their Vendor Risk Management Office.

Learn how effective risk management can deliver:

  • Faster reviews and onboarding 
  • Simple and intuitive process and system
  • End to end transparency