Solution Deep Dive: Taming the Long Tail - The Strategic Opportunity in Indirect Spend

Date :October 23, 2018 07:00 pm EST
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Are you effectively managing your indirect spend? ERP systems rarely extend beyond P2P to assist in more complex sourcing activities. At the same time, most procurement teams lack the resources to effectively manage and control indirect spend - from evaluating and selecting suppliers, to full transparency and managing the entire life cycle. 

Because of this, indirect spend is one of the most significant opportunities for procurement leaders to improve their team’s performance and strategic impact. The right technology can add value, capacity, and visibility into the way you manage indirect spending. By giving your team the means to better collaborate, manage, and report on indirect spending, you have the power to better control costs, manage risk, and optimize ROI.

Join Andrew Wolfe, a former procurement leader and Product Evangelist at Bonfire Interactive, to deep dive into how strategic sourcing software can help you manage indirect spend and transform your team’s impact on your organization. You’ll see how the right sourcing software will empower you to: 

  • Increase productivity by streamlining your sourcing process through better tools that proactively put more spend under management creating more capacity for you to address indirect spend cost savings and ROI
  • Improve reporting by giving you better visibility into sourcing decisions, revealing a clear understanding of where money is being spent and enabling you to make better, more strategic decisions
  • Increase agility and speed by empowering you with the means to run detailed projects in a faster, easier, and more nimble way
  • Gain deeper engagement by delivering a user-friendly, frictionless way to drive stakeholder participation in your indirect spend management