Solution Deep Dive - Complex Sourcing: How to Make the Impossible Easy, Save Money, and Get Promoted While Doing It

Date :August 30, 2018 07:00 pm EST
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Complex, high-value sourcing events involve many elements with numerous suppliers of goods and services for review, plus multiple rounds of negotiation. The potential number of combinations of suppliers and goods/services often run into the millions! 

So how do you make the most efficient, educated decision? Incorporating advanced mathematical optimization techniques can help evolve your complex sourcing process to become more streamlined and strategic.

Join Ayush Sharma, Global Solutions Director at Coupa to deep dive into how the right technology can transform your sourcing process from taking weeks, to taking hours. You’ll see firsthand how the right solution can enable you to:

  • Analyze price, and non-price, information to find the precise combination of suppliers and goods/services that meet your exact constraints and buying strategy
  • Bring greater consistency to your sourcing across your team by creating your own “whole project templates” or leveraging preconfigured templates
  • Ask unlimited “what if” questions during scenario analysis to challenge your assumptions and have your suppliers show you the possible