Managing Contingent Labor Spend in Volatile Markets - Benchmarking Study Results

Date :February 23, 2021 01:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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Join ProcureAbility as we unveil the findings of our Benchmarking Study: Insight into your Contingent Labor Strategy and the Impact of Internal and External Market Dynamics. This thought provoking discussion will cover both contingent labor trends and sourcing best practices in today’s unique market.

Learn more about:

Effects of the Pandemic Labor Market on Contingent Labor -

  • Availability of Resources
  • The New Remote Workforce
  • Continued Rise of the Gig Economy

Different Contingent Labor Rate Models-

  • Advantages of Each Rate Model
  • Disadvantages of Each Rate Model
  • Internal & External Conditions: When to use and when to avoid

Generating Cost Savings 

Measuring & Motivating Supplier Performance