Make Your Source-to-Contract Process Sizzle: How Best-in-Class Companies Leverage Advanced Technology to Deliver Greater Value to their Shareholders

Date :July 18, 2019 07:00 pm EST
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Today's complex, high-velocity supply networks involve many players. Numerous suppliers of goods and services in various stages of engagement are faced with mounting pressure to execute, irrespective of market conditions. Buyers are facing ever-mounting pressure to control rising costs in this geopolitical environment and negotiate stronger contracts for their company while minimizing risk in the negotiated agreement.

Join Ken Page, Director, Value Solutions Consulting, and Ayush Sharma, Solutions Director, Source-to-Contract from Coupa to deep dive into how the right technology can transform your Source-to-Contract processes. You’ll see firsthand how the right solution can enable you to:

  • Analyze thousands of price, and non-price factors simultaneously using mathematical optimization to find the precise combination of suppliers and goods/services that meet your exact constraints and buying strategy.
  • Turn contracts into data and accelerate the contracting process to operationalize contracts and turn negotiations into real savings for every purchase.
  • Leverage a unified technology platform to improve productivity, drastically increase compliance and de-risk your organization's business processes.