Lean No More: Is it the End of Just-in-Time Supply Chains?

Date :November 24, 2020 11:00 am ET (UTC-5)
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Supply Chain Resilience has never had more urgency after crippling supply shortages in 2020. With unprecedented disruption and uncertainty, SCR is now a critical board-level issue — especially for industries using “Just-In-Time” approaches. 

To become more resilient, JIT/lean supply chain practitioners need to move in one of two directions: Embrace collaboration and true inventory visibility or move away from JIT/lean and carry more inventory. But what is the most efficient way to address these pain points? Can JIT and SCR fundamentally work in harmony? 

In this webinar, experts from GEP will discuss innovative approaches for identifying changes, implementing agile strategies and continuously monitoring SCR — for JIT and beyond.

On the Agenda:

  • Building more flexible contracts and service levels into your sourcing 
  • Evaluating when to move away from single sourcing to dual or multiple sourcing for critical parts  
  • Leveraging real-time supply data and automated processes to help speed up decisions 
  • Increasing visibility into suppliers with digital networks beyond direct or first-tier suppliers
  • Reviewing examples of companies that found resilience despite threats to JIT/lean 

Following the panel discussion, audience members will be able to take part in the dialogue in a live Q&A session. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your supply chains more resilient to disruption.