How to Solve Supplier Adoption and Engagement and Create Value for the Enterprise

Date :August 24, 2023 01:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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The recent explosion in best-of-breed tools and digital services means that Procurement has many technologies at their fingertips to help alleviate the burden of an ever-growing list of requirements. However, with these solutions in place, it is vital that the value of the technological landscape can be realized and return on investment secured.   

Part of the challenge is ensuring that suppliers are onboarded efficiently and use the relevant tools, portals, and systems. For the business users, easy access, ease of use and configurability are key.  

In this session, we investigate how digital solutions can be optimized to increase supplier adoption, capture the best data and ensure ongoing supplier engagement through best-in-class experiences for both suppliers and business users.  

We will cover:  

  • How to orchestrate workflows and processes across the enterprise  
  • The importance of SIM, the central golden record, and a flexible data model  
  • How to drive visibility and collaboration across teams, functions and third parties