How Does Your Team Compare to Your Peers?

Date :June 17, 2021 01:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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High-performance procurement teams are critical for any organization to maintain continuity through external disruption. As supply chains were thrown into disarray in 2020, procurement professionals had to quickly adapt to the evolving business landscape. The new demands placed on procurement teams were both a test of their agility and proof of their importance to a business.

DocuSign surveyed more than 800 procurement professionals from around the globe, discovering their top priorities, the way they work, and the changes they have made in the past year. Join this fireside chat with DocuSign’s Head of Procurement, Frank Rey De Perea to hear: 

  • Important business trends for procurement professionals
  • Overview of technology adoption 
  • Predictions about how the procurement profession will evolve 
  • How successful procurement teams responded to COVID-19