Highlights from the first ever EcoVadis Global CSR Risk & Performance Index 2017: Supply Chain CSR Investments Lower Global Risk Exposure

Date :November 30, 2017 01:00 pm EST
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For the first time - EcoVadis, the leading platform for environmental, social and ethical performance ratings for global supply chains, has published the annual edition of its Global CSR Index, highlighting the CSR risks and performance of over 20,400 companies across the calendar years 2015 and 2016. The Index was built using EcoVadis’ CSR Ratings, which evaluate companies on 21 CSR criteria across four themes: environment, labor practices and human rights, fair business ethics and sustainable procurement.

Welcome to a webinar where Michael Smith, Senior CSR analyst, EcoVadis and Rosey Hurst, Founder, Impactt will share highlights from the report and uncover human trafficking and modern slavery trends across major global industries. 

SIG is happy to invite you to a session giving you vital benchmark opportunities and to the point advice about what to consider in your CSR risk management strategy and execution plans.

You will learn:

  • How does your value-chain partners measure up against its industry peers? Is it a laggard, part of the herd, or a leader?
  • Regional comparison: Score distribution by region: Europe, Americas and AMEA
  • What sector-specific CSR risks and opportunities are present?
  • Deep dive in Human rights spotlight: What is making large organizations to take action?

The Index was built using EcoVadis’ CSR Ratings, which evaluate companies on 21 CSR criteria across four themes: environment, labor practices and human rights, fair business ethics and sustainable procurement.

"The overall results are promising. We’re observing many companies, across all markets, making crucial year-over-year improvements to CSR performance, and many industries edging toward lower CSR risk,” said Pierre-Francois Thaler, co-founder and co-CEO of EcoVadis. “While the progress has been terrific, the criticality of supply chain CSR remains extremely high, and there’s a lot of room for all businesses to grow and improve. Our grading scale and evaluations represent this reality – we’ve seen strong progress in 2016, but there’s still a major gap between today’s scores and peak CSR performance.”

You can read the full EcoVadis CSR Risk and Performance Index, download the full 2017 report, and bring your burning questions to this timely session. 

As always it should be worth your while attending live - make sure to ask questions and benchmark  live via appreciated polls. All who register will receive the slides and recording, your registration and webinar responses will only be shared with the co-organizer.


About EcoVadis

EcoVadis is the first collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for global supply chains. Combining powerful technology and a global team of CSR experts, EcoVadis’ easy-to-use CSR ratings and scorecards are used by procurement teams to monitor environmental, social and ethical risks across 150 purchasing categories and 110 countries. Over 175 industry leaders such as TeliaSonera, Nokia, SEB, Oriflame, Hempel, DNB, ING Bank, Kemira, Coca Cola European Partners, Nestle, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Salesforce and L’Oréal use EcoVadis to reduce risk, drive innovation and foster transparency and trust among over 35,000 trading partners. Learn more at ecovadis.comTwitter or LinkedIn.

About Impactt Limited

Impactt enables organisations to improve working conditions and livelihoods across global supply chains in a way that brings clear business benefits to both ends of the chain. We are a leading consultancy specialising in ethical trade, human rights, labour standards and international development. Impactt works with a wide range of stakeholders, from large retailers and government bodies to factory workers and local communities. Often the experiences and languages of these different stakeholders are so far apart that they do not ‘see’ or interact with each other. Impactt helps to bridge the gap and deliver real change on the ground. Impactt’s approach is change-focused, innovative and practical. We are a passionate and committed team with extensive local experience. We have offices in the UK, China, Bangladesh and India, and a network of Impactt associates across Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and elsewhere.