Employing Direct Sourcing Technology to Enhance Your Talent Engagement Strategy

Date :February 06, 2020
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In today’s data enhanced labor markets, talent supplier competition and the availability of analytics has made it more challenging to source and onboard right-fit candidates at a compelling price-to-value. While your talent supply chain submits candidates for your review and your ATS passively performs its function, having Direct Sourcing capability to support your contingent and permanent workforce can further enhance your capabilities to attract right-fit candidates at a compelling price-to-value.

Mouhanad Abbas, SVP of Operations and Technology Innovation, and Patrick Chartrand, Director of Demand Generation, from Simplify Workforce will deep dive into Simplify’s Direct Sourcing technology and will discuss how it can transform your workforce strategy. You’ll see firsthand how the right-fit Direct Sourcing technology can enable you to:

  • Advance your workforce strategy by employing a proactive, data-enhanced, Direct Sourcing strategy
  • Leverage Direct Sourcing technology to deliver 15% to 25% in cost savings per head
  • Gain additional visibility into your HR tech stack, including ATS, and optimize your entire workforce