Emerging Strategies to Level Up Your CW Program

Date :October 06, 2022 07:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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In the past, the phrase “user experience” often referred to how the hiring manager interacted with a contingent workforce program. Today, attracting and retaining talent is on the minds of all companies. Creating a frictionless user experience for workers and suppliers has taken on critical importance.

There must be specific, reportable metrics when it comes to the benefits to each of the participants:

  • For the worker: Ownership of their data. Portability of their data across multiple engagements with different suppliers and enterprises. The ability to control who and where they work. Agency.

  • For the supplier: The ability to serve multiple customers with a single application. The ability to view and engage workers in a new way.

  • For the enterprise: Access to a broader set of suppliers and workers. Efficiencies in not entering the same data for workers and a scalable approach to engaging non-employee labor.

For contingent workforce program owners, the ability to communicate up (to key stakeholders) and out (to suppliers/workers) is essential. The treatment of these parties means providing a transparent, agile, and painless process to get work done. 

During this webinar, learn how contingent workforce owners are: 

  • Using technology to bridge the gap and communicate with all parties successfully

  • Utilizing non-employee labor to fill critical talent shortages

  • Determining where challenges lie within all parties and implementing actions to fix

  • Connecting between culture and brand for all workers, regardless of how they come into an organization