Digitization Dialogues: How AI is Transforming Procurement

Date :March 21, 2019 07:00 pm EST
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Technology innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are the catalysts for Digital Transformation of the Source-to-Pay process, not only helping Procurement teams streamline the process itself, but actually uncovering overlooked savings opportunities, shining a light on non-compliance to pre-emptively avert savings leakage and mitigate risk, and guiding and informing better decision making - and as a result, driving better business outcomes. 

This session will focus on the real-world use cases from early adopters of AI and RPA that are rewriting the playbook for Procurement Digital Transformation by:

  • Enabling Augmented Procurement - Applying AI Insights to Guide User Decisions Towards Better Decisions, and a Better User Experience
  • Unleashing Autonomous Procurement – Deploying RPA Bots to Mechanize Routine Transactions and Free Up Human Capital to Focus on Value-Add
  • Enlisting AI as an Ally Against Non-Compliance and Risk
  • Achieving Next-Level ROI Gains and Re-Defining Best-in-Class Performance