COVID-19 and the Great Rehiring: Get Ready to Hit the Reset Button on Your Contingent Workforce

Date :September 30, 2020 01:00 pm EST
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Pre COVID-19, talent was already a top three priority amongst 50%+ of leading global CxOs. As organizations prepared for the future of work, contingent labor was a discussion topic that CFOs, CHROs, CPOs and CIOs cross-functionally engaged on to ensure their organizations were developing an effective workforce strategy. Now, post COVID-19, the need to capture value and execute in this domain has only accelerated. Outside of normal strategic planning, there are additional layers of cost prudence, compliance and safety that executives must consider due to the global pandemic. 


As we settle into the new normal, with the likelihood of choppy waters still ahead, now is the opportune time to evaluate your contingent workforce. Questions on the minds of C-Suite executives are:

  • Is my organization maximizing the benefits of remote work?  
  • Are we sourcing the best talent now that geographic restraints are off the table?  
  • Are we creating an environment in which diverse talent wants to work for our organization?  
  • Is my organization strategically leveraging contingent labor to augment our navigation through a volatile macroeconomic environment?  


In this webinar, two workforce transformation experts will discuss the current landscape and how to leverage advancements in technology and data analytics to ensure your organization is best positioned to attract, hire and engage the best talent. 

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • How to position your organization to take advantage of the liquidity of talent that has recently been unlocked in the marketplace 
  • Best practices for leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to transform contingent labor management
  • Creative mechanisms to increase diversity and inclusion in your supply chain and workforce 
  • A roadmap for driving a next-generation supplier strategy 
  • A robust framework of key levers and initiatives to drive best in class cost savings