Closing the Gaps in Procurement Technology: OneMarket’s Source-to-Contract Solution

Date :August 09, 2022 07:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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In any business environment, if delivery capabilities are missing or disconnected, the result is slower execution and increased workload. Procurement is no exception. All too often, critical workflows within the Source-to-Contract lifecycle are spread across multiple disconnected systems (or are not automated at all), resulting in time-consuming workarounds and manual processes; time that procurement professionals don’t have.

Procurement teams can address this challenge by investing in new technology, but technology alone does not solve the problem - gaps remain. Effective implementation is essential to achieving ROI, requiring additional resources. Maintenance of the data within the technology is critical to ongoing adoption and value realization. And technology alone, even when well-implemented and maintained, lacks external market intelligence and price benchmarks to truly enable Procurement teams.

Built by Procurement professionals for Procurement professionals, OneMarket closes these gaps for its procurement customers. With included implementation execution, ongoing support services and market intelligence capabilities, OneMarket ensures effective ROI realization. The combination of these capabilities into a single solution provides procurement teams with a new, comprehensive approach to enabling and automating the Source-to-Contract lifecycle.