Building a Best-in-Class Category Management Program: The Newest Trends, Tips and Technologies

Date :June 12, 2018 07:00 pm EST
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Category management is perennially popular as a procurement discussion topic, and best-in-class procurement departments are always the ones that have a strategic category management (SCM) program in place. There are defined key value drivers and benefits of developing or evolving the SCM program – as opposed to more limited strategic sourcing strategies.

As a procurement discipline, category management is often revisited by expert practitioners who are staying attuned to the shifts – both dramatic and subtle – in the global business environment. The supplier landscape changes, as do risk factors. There are always new trends and new intelligence coming to the forefront. Technology advancements, in particular, are ensuring that SCM program design remains a dynamic, ongoing exercise rather than a static, one-time event.

In this webinar, presented by GEP and SIG (Sourcing Industry Group), GEP’s Biju Mohan discusses the latest trends influencing SCM program design and implementation by global, market-leading enterprises today. Discussion points include:

  • How today’s SCM programs can add value compared with traditional sourcing approaches
  • Partnering with the business to develop a category strategy aligned with business requirements
  • How to incorporate emerging technologies into category strategies
  • The most innovative levers for generating value while avoiding the “cost-reduction trap”
  • Real-world business cases and examples of effective SCM programs