Balancing Continuity and Change: Procurement’s Role in Transformation

Date :September 27, 2018 01:00 pm EST
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Fortunately, with a focus on collaboration, supplier performance and a next-generation approach to sourcing it is possible for even the most traditional of organizations to accelerate decision making, establish clear strategic sourcing practices, and break out of yesterday’s rigid routines.

Join Harry Lund, Program Leader of Strategic Procurement Operations, as he shares how a pharmaceutical company born in the 70’s has transformed procurement, improved supplier performance and maximized business impact. Learn how this multinational Fortune 500 company leveraged collaboration to level up strategic sourcing and liberated itself from the constraints of their legacy systems.

In this webinar Biogen will touch on:

  • Orchestrating change management across procurement and the enterprise
  • Training stakeholders and suppliers to effectively use a collaborative sourcing tool 
  • Standardizing sourcing processes to maximize enterprise business impact