AI is Changing Contingent Workforce Management – What You Need to Know

Date :May 22, 2018 01:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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With the war for talent reaching new heights, businesses are looking for any edge they can find. For these companies, the idea of tapping into the power of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) advances is enticing. Concepts like machine learning, predictive analytics and augmented reality offer intriguing possibilities when considering the future of contingent workforce management. When applied strategically, advancements in AI will help organizations create better hiring decisions and more effectively manage contingent workforces.


This webinar will feature contingent workforce industry leaders from PRO Unlimited discussing AI topics including:

  • Using machine learning and neural networks to find the best candidate.
  • Using a digital assistant with embedded analytics and intelligence to empower better decision making.
  • Utilizing augmented reality technology to make inanimate objects “come to life”. 


Following this webinar, attendees will have a deeper understanding about AI and machine learning, and how these technologies will impact the contingent workforce management space in the short term and years to come.