AI and Machine Learning is coming! Beroe LiVE is ready.

Date :November 14, 2017
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Beroe, Inc.

The world is abuzz with the coming world of Machines – starting with automation, leading onto Big Data, machine learning and Artificial intelligence and culminating in an algorithmic civilisation.

But wait – lets peel away the hype and look at reality – especially from a procurement perspective. Where many organizations are still fighting battles to bring more spend under management, performance is still measured against last year’s savings and procurement is struggling to save its seat on the high table – what’s the real situation on the ground? Isnt reality always grey?

Join this webinar by Rahul Devarakonda – VP and Head of Beroe LiVE and Supriyo Mukhopadhay, VP and CTO, Beroe Inc as they discuss today’s reality of procurement and how it will be impacted by the promise of tomorrow’s technology – how are the best organizations dealing with Big Data, Analytics, AI and Machine Learning and how is Beroe helping clients prepare for this uncertain but exciting future.

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