2021 Outlook for Supply Chain and Procurement Leaders

Date :January 28, 2021 01:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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Few can afford to face the sustained business challenges and chaos they went through in 2020. Sourcing and procurement leaders shifted away from their strategic goals to adapt to day-to-day priorities, such as generating enough cash flow and securing supply.

In every way, the stakes are higher than ever. The need for supply chain and procurement leadership has never been greater. Is it time to dust off your pre-2020 plans? What emerging technologies and “never-normal” approaches are needed to help rebound?

Join GEP’s John Piatek, Vice President of Consulting and Chair of the Thought Leadership Council, who will set the stage and outline the major trends for the rest of this year. He will also spotlight the under-the-radar trends that are featured in the annual “GEP Outlook 2021: Supply & Procurement” report.

Moderator: Dawn Tiura, President and CEO of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)

On the Agenda:

  • How to adapt your plans for the macroeconomic climate
  • A detailed analysis of eight major leadership themes
  • Where to invest to remain resilient while improving sustainability
  • How to adapt regional and local sourcing strategies
  • Embracing diversity in your sourcing strategies — and much more

Following the panel discussion, audience members will be able to take part in the dialogue in a live Q&A session.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain crucial insights in the trends that are most likely to affect your procurement and sourcing practice this year.