Viet Ho

Managing Director
JK Advisory

Viet is a widely recognized expert in strategic and transformational Procurement. His unique insights and wealth of knowledge regarding individual operational environments are built on his 25 years of transformational experiences at AT Kearney, Accenture, JPM Chase and Russell Investments. Viet has a deep understanding of corporate cultures and has successfully demonstrated the value of indirect procurement across multiple industries and fortune 500 organizations.

In 2018, Viet left the corporate world to start his own company, JKAdvisory (“JKA”). JKA is specifically targeted at helping organizations demonstrate Procurement value to leadership. Under the corporate umbrella of JKA and its subsidiary JKA Solutions, Viet has gained clients’ accolades for his innovative solutions to move Procurement organizations from tactical-to-strategic-to-transformational.

For now, Viet is splitting his time across three areas of focus:

  • Procurement and Supply chain areas with JKA: Viet like to help people solve problems, the more complex the better. Viet pulled together a group of people who shared his brand of problem solvers. He setup a management consulting firm focusing on all aspects of Procurement and supply chain.
  • Develop an offshore company - Viet is passionate about his home country Vietnam. He setup a service company based in Vietnam, with special focus in challenging areas such as Data Science, AI and ML. His team of experts are helping US clients solving business problems in NLP, predictive modeling, image processing with cutting edge tools and capabilities. Viet is leveraging the talent to explore solutions in areas such as supply chain, risk management and predictive modeling.
  • Strategic advisor to in selected AI/ML start-ups around the Puget Sound region.