Vendor Management Organization Models and Guide to Structuring the Best VMO for Your Organization

Date :September 06, 2011 07:00 pm EST
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Expense Management Solutions

A Step by Step Guide to Structuring Your VMO

As discussions about vendor management organizations progress, there will naturally be more questions about the structure, model, role and scope of the vendor management organization model that is best for your organization. If you have started discussions about your need for a vendor management organization, but find you can’t move forward because you have more questions than answers, this webinar can help put you back on track.  

Some frequently asked questions include: 

How do you determine where the VMO should reside? 

What type of resources you’ll need? 

Who actually manages the vendors? 

How do you quantify the effectiveness or success of a VMO? 

If these are questions that surface during your discussions, this webinar by Michele Flynn, President of Expense Management Solutions and noted expert on vendor management, will offer some guidance and a road map to help you determine answers to the questions above. In addition, there will be time for questions to vet other issues that might hinder implementation of a vendor management organization for your department or company.

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