The State of Independence in America: Are Vendors the next Workforce Frontier?

Date :October 25, 2011 07:00 pm EST
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MBO Partners

While the current workforce picture is one of struggle, uncertainty and gloom, a recent study* reveals key data behind the structural shift to a new age of career independence: more and more workers—both professionals and others—are migrating to independent work. These independents—consultants, freelancers, contractors, temps, on-call workers, etc—are satisfied with their work and lifestyle choice and are actively seeking to remain independent. Many of these independents are expert workers who fill the needs of organizations who want access to unique knowledge and skills. 

Meanwhile, two key trends are driving organizations to use independent workers more often and in ever more strategic roles. First, hiring managers often need access to unique knowledge or skills housed with experienced expert workers striking out on their own and are contacting and engaging them directly to fill business needs. A recent Aberdeen study found expertise to be the No. 1 reason for direct hiring of independent consultants by managers. The second force is the macro-level organizational shift to a more flexible and agile workforce model. Instead of rehiring the workers laid off in the recession or building new empires of full-time employees, companies are breaking their work into smaller project-based units that can be done by these non-employee resources. 

As a result of these dual pressures and opportunities, demands on Procurement Professionals who must manage and develop programs to support IC needs, re reaching a flashpoint.

For this presentation, MBO Enterprise Solutions, the leading ICES, will assemble a panel of experts that have risen to the challenge and integrated Independent Contractor management programs into their professional services category. Learn how both Government and Commercial organizations have dealt with the risks and rewards of this new “State of Independence”.

Topics of Discussion:

 How does an organization determine what is outsourced to external resource and what stays in house?

 Holding outsourced providers accountable for quality deliverable

 Can you keep your culture and values in tact if half your work is done by external workers?

 Options available for centralized management of contingent or non-employee resources

 Scaling successful independent consultant usage without losing control, visibility and compliance

 Governance models that are practical and effective when using consultants

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