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How to Ensure Your Digital Procurement Transformation Program Delivers on the Promise

Procurement leaders are energized by the prospects of digital transformation. But once they start, they quickly realize that results can be spotty at best. So how can you maximize results?

How to Ensure Your Digital Procurement Transformation Program Delivers on the Promise highlights the steps CPOs need to take to ensure their transformation plans don’t flop. In addition, get valuable advice on avoiding pitfalls with a top-down approach.

What's Inside:

  • Knowing what you want from a digital transformation
  • Focusing on cleaning up dirty data for superior results
  • Assembling the right team to navigate bumps in the road

This paper is a must-read for CPOs and procurement professionals envisioning a more robust digital future.


5 Steps to Building a More Sustainable T&E Program Today

Tackle the next frontier in business travel and reduce the impact of carbon emissions with the new TripActions Sustainability Feature Suite.

As travel returns in 2021, global enterprises are considering their sustainability commitment with refreshed eyes and looking to make smart strategic and financial decisions so they can reduce their impact without sacrificing the important in-person experiences at the heart of the business.

The TripActions Sustainability Guide brings you a comprehensive look at the environmental challenges facing global organizations today and how, with the right tools and information, enterprises can become agents of change at an individual and collective level.

Download the guide to learn:

  • 5 principles to guide your business’s journey towards sustainability
  • How global enterprises are realigning their operations for the future
  • The tech and tools needed to integrate a new way of working 
10 Ways To Deliver Smarter, Better Procurement

After procurement teams faced numerous challenges in keeping their organizations afloat over the past year, CPOs are now faced with the question, "are you ready to lead?"

With the evolving business landscape, there is no such thing as ‘business as usual’ and procurement is encouraged to adopt a smarter, better approach to business spend management. Download this paper and explore 10 effective tips for a smarter procurement journey, covering:

  • How to advance procurement maturity
  • Best practices for driving change in your organization
  • Key Performance Indicators that measure success in digital transformation 
Transform Or Be Transformed

In 2021, SIG surveyed 100 procurement professionals from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations on digital transformation and the use of AI in procurement. This report examines key challenges faced with the digital transformation of the supply chain and their views on the potential for AI to offer practical or viable solutions. Download your free copy below!