Solution Deep Dive: How to Optimize the Health & Value from your Portfolio of Outsourcing Relationships

Date :July 07, 2016 07:00 pm EST
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Global Sourcing Optimization Services (GSOS)

Outsourced Workers are service workers contracted through a supplier who have been hired to perform a specific function outside of your organization’s core business. A few examples include facilities management, janitorial services, food services, and security services. Companies have found that they have measures in place to track and manage their full-time and contingent or temporary staff, but due to various and inconsistent tracking methods of their Outsourced Workers, it has created inaccurate headcounts and ultimate security risks across their organizations 

Learn how you can build a business case for managing your Outsourced Workers. We’ll provide tips on how to manage internal relationships to ultimately get buy-in to alleviate risk to your organization today.As you design, build, implement and optimize your organization’s increasingly complex portfolio of outsourcing, shared services and digital services relationships, how can you ensure that you’re getting the maximum business value from those relationships? When business executives are asked if they’re getting the value they either contracted for or need today from their sourcing relationships, all too often the answer is NO or I DON’T KNOW! 

During this webinar, learn how you and your service provider can quickly, effectively and very affordably understand how to identify the strengths and opportunities to improve the overall health and value obtainable in your relationships. Sourcing Relationship Health ChecksTM have been performed worldwide across all industries and in every case, opportunities for improvement have been identified with ROI as high as 30%+ of annual contracted spend. 

Join this webinar and learn how to:

•Execute the 3 Phased Sourcing Relationship Health CheckTM process including use of the web-based Value Health Check Survey (VHCS – Powered by Enlighta)

•Determine if your key stakeholders and those within your service provider are aligned on the 40 vital signs of a healthy and sustainable sourcing relationship

•Identify the key strengths in the relationship as well as what opportunities there are to improve the overall health and value obtainable in the relationship

•Accomplish this and much more absolutely free if you’re a SIG buy-side member in 2016!

The Sourcing Relationship Health CheckTM process and tools are the only assessed compliant with the ISO 37-500 Outsourcing Standards.

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