SIREAS is a leading, global corporate real estate and outsourcing management consulting firm with expertise in solution design, portfolio and vendor management, sourcing strategy, and governance advisory. SIREAS enables corporations to streamline operations, improve services delivery, and increase shareholder value. 

SIREAS is one of the few expert advisory firms providing integrated strategy and services across the full range of CRE disciplines: from enterprise corporate real estate strategy to organizational design and performance, portfolio management, workplace optimization, facilities services, strategic outsourcing and supplier relationship management and governance (SRMG). SIREAS is also a certified Center of Excellence for Vested®; a sourcing business model that fosters a highly collaborative environment sparking innovation resulting in transformation, improved service, and reduced cost. Vested partnerships enable true win-win relationships in which both parties are invested in each other’s success.

  • Founded in 1997
  • 100% Women-Owned, certified WBENC
  • Guided over $6B in contract value
  • Achieved savings of more than $1B for clients
  • 20:1 ROI for clients
  • Strategies for more than 678 million RSF across 72 countries

SIREAS is offering special discounts and pricing to SIG’s practitioner members. Below are details on SIREAS’ Contract Review and Relationship Health Check.

Contract Review

A well-structured deal is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Often, contractual terms can drive relationship challenges and misalignment of goals and objectives.

A contract review by SIREAS provides a detailed review of the contract, related amendments, and relevant artifacts such as the pricing model and governance framework including quarterly business reviews and scorecards, against market best practice.  As a neutral third party, SIREAS conducts a formal review and assesses the contract relative to the intent of the deal, current needs and desired outcomes and market trends. We review components such as: 

  • Competitive contract that focuses on cooperation via alignment of both parties’ interest to ensure parties work towards joint desired outcomes.
  • Equitable risk and reward allocation that ensures both parties take equal responsibilities.  
  • Effectively ties performance to profitability having the right KPIs linked to business outcomes in addition to the operational indicators. 
  • Maximizes transparency in order to build trust. 
  • Flexible framework allowing for business changes. 
  • Insight vs. oversight governance structure. 

The outcome of a contract review is a high-level report summarizing our analysis, relevant market information and recommendations for changes/improvements. The report is typically delivered in a 90-minute presentation to review the findings and opportunities. We find it is most beneficial if the review is performed in support of both parties involved in the relationship, however it can be a service requested by only the client. Contract Reviews help stakeholders to see the structural flaws in their relationship and begin to identify what they will need to do in order to close those gaps and strengthen the relationship going forward. 


SIREAS is offering a 15% discount off the total price of your first contract review. The cost of a contract review can range between $50,000 for a low complexity contract to $100,000 for a high complexity contract; that’s an opportunity for a $7,500 - $15,000 savings.  

Note: Assumptions used to calculate complexity include the number of services included, regions in scope, and number of local country agreements for global contracts, to name a few. We will work with you to understand your contract prior to proposing a price for the review.

Relationship Health Check

The Relationship Health Check is a questionnaire that is administered to individuals who are intricately involved in managing the relationship and delivery of services from both the client and the service provider. The Relationship Health Check is designed to assess eight critical categories that frequently cause friction in relationships: communications, decision-making, governance, innovation, metrics, mindset and trust, performance, and problem solving.   
Category Alignment

SIREAS will consolidate and analyze all the responses collected. At the conclusion of our assessment, SIREAS will present a summary of the findings in a workshop and collaboratively work with the parties to strengthen the relationship by reviewing identified gaps or concerns with the teams and supporting the parties in developing a roadmap to address them.   

The Relationship Health Check is designed to help both parties understand the relative health of their relationship, alert them to potential problem areas, and understand the level of alignment between the goals and objectives of each other.  


SIREAS is offering a 15% discount off the total price of your first Relationship Health Check. The cost of a Relationship Health Check typically runs $45,000; that’s an opportunity for $6,750 in savings.  

Note: Assumptions used to calculate the cost of the Relationship Health Check include administering a questionnaire to a total of 30 people, with all work and the workshop being conducted virtually and the project completed in 30 days.