Frequently Asked Questions & Important Information

SIG University  

Below you will find some best practics for participating in SIG U courses, additional information and a list of questions that are most commonly asked with their respective answer.  Much of this information was also provided in your orientation webinar.  

Please feel free to check here first for answers to any questions you may have.  If it does not answer your questions or you need more assistance, please reach out to us via email.

FAQ   Q. How do I access the course content?
    A. After you set up your account you can access the course content using the following link:
     Q. I am having trouble logging into the classroom. What should I do?
     A. Use this link: If you still can’t log in, email the support team at
    Q. I am having trouble with the audio in some lessons, what should I do?
    A. If you are having trouble loading a lesson or listening to the audio, please use a Google Chrome browser for optimal results.  Also please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of flash player.  If you continue to experience audio issues, please email us at
     Q. I can’t remember my username or password?
     A. If you know your username but can't remember your password, click the forgot password link on the login page.  If you do not know your username please contact us at
     Q. I can’t log in using my work email.
     A. Sometimes system requirements prevent people from using their work email to log into the classroom. If that happens, you might have to use a Gmail account or another email. Email us at and she can help you change the email account you are using to log in.
    Q. I’ve completed the lesson and it is still showing as incomplete.
    A. We sometimes have this problem with our Learning Management System (LMS).Please don’t take the lesson multiple times to “complete” it unless you want to. Email us at and we will help you with this issue.
    Q. I got less than an 80% on a quiz, now what?
    A. If you get less than an 80% on a quiz, you will need to retake the quiz. If you are still struggling, you may wish to review the material.
    Q. Do I have to post in the discussion forum?
    A. Yes. You absolutely must post in the discussion forum at least once per week.  Failure to do so will affect your certification.
    Q. How much time can I expect to spend in the classroom each week?
    A. Depending on the certification you are enrolled in, most students tend to spend 2-6 hours per week in the classroom.
    Q. What is the best browser to use?
    A. If you are having trouble loading a lesson or listening to the audio, please make sure you are on Google Chrome for the best results.
    Q.  How do I post to the discussion forum?
    A.  Click on the Learning Path and then click on the discuss tab.  Remember it is best to write out your answer in a Word document, edit it and then copy and paste it into the discussion forum.
     Discussion Tab
    Q.  How do I access coursework that I have already completed?
    A.  Once coursework is completed, it is stored in the Course library.  Click on the Course library tab and you will be able to access all coursework that has been assigned to you, including the completed material.
    Course Library
Best Practices:    Block time each week to focus on your studies. Time will get away from you so; be prepared for this.
     Download the study guide each week and review it before taking the eLearning modules/lessons.
     Do NOT hesitate to ask for help! Waiting is the worst thing you can do.
     There are no bad questions. Don’t be shy or afraid to post questions/comments in the discussion forum.
     You will get out of this program what you put into it.