Student and Alumni Testimonials

Here at SIG University, we know how important the decision is in determining which education option is the right fit for you to invest in.  First-hand feedback from others who have taken the training can be so valuable in your decision-making process. We are always so honored to hear from our students and alumni that share the impactful stories of their time with us, and we are so proud to showcase their achievements.  Below you will find testimonials from our amazing past students on their experience taking one (or more) of our SIG University program offerings.

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Student Feedback

"This course really teaches you the ins and outs of sourcing. I have learned when to be strategic and when to be tactical, when and how to use the different RFx's, and how great change management can move individuals in a positive way when changes are made that impact a company's operations. I also learned how excel functions can really help you understand certain data that can impact your decision. This semester has broadened my understanding of sourcing and will be beneficial as I move toward making decisions that will positively impact my company."
David Bang
Certified Sourcing Professional
Logistics Manager
"I completed the Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program from SIG University and I can certainly say that it was the most important milestone in shaping my career. As a student of the CSP program, I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of quantitative approaches in my work. The CSP program is a tremendous asset, I use it’s approaches regularly, and the program was an excellent addition to my Sourcing career. The online courses and structure of the program make it easy to manage alongside other commitments (job and life), and the faculty and support team are all extremely responsive to student questions and needs.”
Kapil Sharma
Certified Sourcing Professional
Associate Director NTT DATA Services, LLC
“With all of my years of experience, learning, and thought leadership, the Chapter on Governance Across Business Models within Module 4 resonated the most for me and identified how much growth and potential there is within the sourcing industry and for sourcing leaders to improve, and move the needle forward, both on an individual and corporate-wide scale. What I found most interesting is how the lessons were intertwined, and the continuum that exists for Governance.”
Certified Supplier Management Professional
“The course curriculum of the Certified Sourcing Professional training program unfolds various nuances of sourcing and procurement fundamentals, principles and situations. As an individual who completed the training program successfully, I will advocate and recommend this program for all sourcing professionals. Thank you, SIG University, for a well planned, and well coordinated schematic training program.”
Prabhu Meruga
Certified Sourcing Professional
Sourcing Analyst
“This course has solidified my view that third-party risk is a growing risk in every company. We must continue to ask ourselves, our teams, leadership, and stakeholders the right questions and listen to the answers to inform our steps forward.  I was inspired by the 10-week course and required book reading and look forward to having my entire team take the class in 2021-2022…  On a separate note, concerning the required book reading by Linda Tuck Chapman, this was an excellent idea. The book was very supportive, and it was great to note and flag details so the book can be used as a resource moving forward. In conclusion, I would recommend this class for any person or company to educate themselves on third-party Risk. I have worked in the manufacturing, non-profit, financial, retail, and indirect sectors and this course would be relevant in any of those areas. This will prompt companies to strategizingproactively to ensure that they are establishing best practices, as it has ledme in my planning process into 2021-22.”
Cathy Rutherford
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Senior Director, P2P CoStar Group
"I recommend the SIG Certified Sourcing Professional course for anyone who works in a Procurement Department, regardless of his/her position, because it covers the entire process, from cradle to grave, and provides important, clarification regarding each phase in this very broad spectrum of steps."
Vera Parenti, Esq.
Certified Sourcing Professional
Senior Manager, Contract Integrity Team Florida Blue
"With the completion of this certification, I have a richer understanding of overall supplier governance and why it’s important. I now understand the importance of our supplier governance process of adhering to them throughout the contract lifecycle of third-party relationships, and essential for a successful Third-Party Governance program.  So, supplier governance plays a critical role in the success of my organization’s sourcing strategy. Outsourcing is not as simple as executing a contract, it's much more complex than that. For an organization to have an effective governance program, the company must do a good job in providing the “why” behind the “what” and I am pleased my company is doing a great job with that."
Paul Serna
Certified Supplier Management Professional
Third Party Relationship Manager I
"Over the last few months, I have had the distinct honor and privilege to participate in the CSP Program at SIG University. As a Procurement/Sourcing Professional for over 15 years, this course provided great insight into the progression of the Sourcing field and the key components to a successful Sourcing Organization. Many of the concepts and best practices covered throughout the course have been introduced to me at some level during my career by Executive Leadership, Directors, Mentors and Peers. Simply put, the course was refreshing and an insightful refresh of knowledge I have gained over the years, whether a direct forethought or what I would refer to as an “autopilot” behavior… my greatest takeaway from the CSP Program was improvements that the organization can make to managing supplier performance…  am grateful for the opportunity presented to participate in the CSP Program at SIG University. Thank you."
Meridith Garibay
Certified Sourcing Professional
LMI Aerospace, Sonaca Group
"I enrolled in the Certified Intelligent Automation Professional (CIAP) course with the expectation of learning about the strategies and best practices required to build a successful automation practice capable of supporting our enterprise at scale. While the CIAP certification certainly met those expectations, I also learned that underneath all of the process and technology considerations, automation really isn’t about automation. It’s about enabling our people to do their best work."
Paul Kistner
Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Head of Business & Customer Transformation Allegis Global Solutions
“I did find this CSP program/certification very effective and would highly recommend it to all the aspiring Procurement Professionals as it covers a variety of topics/concepts which we come across in our daily job roles and this program helps us to connect the dots logically via concepts explained and align it with our practical working activities. I will be looking forward to applying the learning, concepts wherever feasible in my organization to improve overall operational and business efficiencies."
Pratik Saraiya
Certified Sourcing Professional
Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.
“The SIG University course material has been thorough and very interesting.  As I operate within a rather small area of my team’s procurement processes, I found the information surrounding the SOW, how and why it is created, and how it is reviewed and used to be the most insightful so far.”
Certified Sourcing Professional
"I wanted a platform that allowed them to do the work within their own time frames, and a program that would create a bedrock of strategic sourcing knowledge across the organization. Within the Certified Sourcing Professional program, they touch on finance, on accounting and on risk. It helps students see how procurement fits into the business’ overall ecosystem. That kind of insight is so valuable. It enables you to understand how what you’re doing correlates with what the rest of the organization is doing. I think it’s really important to build a culture of learning. If someone had offered SIG University to me when I was just starting my career, I would have become a CPO 10 years earlier than I did."  
Joseph Martinez
Certified Sourcing Professional
CPO, BNY Mellon
"I have learned how good supplier governance programs and relationships are extremely beneficial to all stakeholders involved and can help drive an already successful company to additional success and value on many levels. A governance program can start with a single new initiative or can become more structured by implementing best practices to improve the supplier relationship. I am thankful for the opportunity to take the SIG University CSMP class and look forward to applying the knowledge I have gained to my current and future roles in procurement."
Adrienne Westerfield
Certified Supplier Management Professional
Louisville Gas and Electric Company
"As a professional both new to the procurement space AND on the sell-side, I was feverishly seeking growth opportunities to more deeply understand those I would be "selling to" each day. Ultimately, I was pointed in the direction of SIG's CSP by an esteemed colleague (Canda Rozier). The certification course material met and exceeded my expectations while exposing me to a network of procurement professionals who have built and continue to build successful careers in procurement. I've not conducted a single "sales" activity without the lessons learned top of mind since graduating. My perspective is even broader, and my conversations have become even richer. I kinda like the procurement sales professional I'm becoming. :-)"
Madison Mobley
Certified Sourcing Professional
"What can I say? SIG and Linda Tuck Chapman delivered a winner with the C3PRMP program! I attended a virtual SIG conference in fall 2020, and sat in on Linda Tuck Chapman's session...and this is what sparked my interest to learn more about third party risk management. This program is packed with so much relevant information, tools and resources, and it provides a great starting point for any novice with a desire to learn more about this topic. I thought the videos of Linda were a nice touch, and SIG did a great job of providing well-defined module objectives; capturing key points on each slide; adding good supplemental reference material; and challenging us in each quiz to help hone in on important take-aways from each module. Also, Linda's book was an added bonus, and provided great thought-provoking information and insights to enhance learning of third party risk management. Great job...and I look forward to participating in more SIG programs, continuing education and events!"
Velda Berryman
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
"SIG is doing an excellent job of training sourcing professionals to module and emerge as global leaders. It is helping to keep our knowledge up to date and elevate yourself as leaders in sourcing. I am glad to be part of the SIG network for sourcing professionals and widen my network arena. “Great Program” that I would recommend to all Sourcing professionals. Last but not the least, I would like to thank the entire SIG team and faculty for such a wonderful experience and learning. Keep spreading the knowledge and helping professionals to learn. Keep up the Good Work!"
Deepika Khichi
Certified Sourcing Professional
BNY Mellon
"SIG provided an informative and resourceful program that is interactive and encourages discussion. The course has been a great way develop my functional expertise in my field and to network with my peers in the industry. The course administrator, Linda Tuck Chapman, was a fantastic resource and I found her to be extremely knowledgable and encouraging."
Michael Amaral
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
"The CIAP program was a very valuable addition to my degree and my career. Not only did I enjoy the flexibility and practical value of the certificate, but the associated faculty were fantastic to work with and learn from! This specific certificate was a great way for me to integrate my interests across and to bring a multidisciplinary perspective to understanding Robotics Process Automation and developing a strong foundation that is essential for real world automation problem solving. I would highly recommend this on-demand program designed for time-constrained professionals who are looking to understand the fundamentals and the appropriate approach when it comes to deploying automation programs across their organizations."
Mansoor Azhar
Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
TD Bank
"I am so happy to have taken this course - Certified Sourcing Professional with SIG University. The course provided end-to-end theoretical and practical insight into sourcing model, change management, business data analytics, financial reporting, cost analysis, negotiation plan and communication strategies. I have learnt so much going through this course and I would recommend this course for every sourcing professional, category managers and procurement specialist. In-short, this is the best course I have taken to date and I would love to be a sourcing professional evangelist to help other professional."
Oluwadamilare Adeoye
Certified Sourcing Professional
“The C3PRMP program is in a class of its own. Starting from ground zero, I was impressed by the seamless program enrollment, and the friendly customer service. While attending the course, I felt both instructor’s shined a light on their industry-leading credentials through both text, and practical “real world” experience. The value is in the material (and expertise). Overall, this experience left me feeling encouraged, and equipped to handle the challenges of today while preparing for the opportunities of tomorrow. I am excited to be part of the Sig University family!”
John Lehr
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
"With all of my years of experience, learning, and thought leadership, the Chapter on Governance Across Business Models within Module 4 resonated the most for me and identified how much growth and potential there is within the sourcing industry and for sourcing leaders to improve, and move the needle forward, both on an individual and corporate-wide scale."
Certified Supplier Management Professional
"One of the smartest ideas Joseph Martinez brought to MUFG Union Bank's procurement program was to encourage everyone in the business unit to complete the SIG University procurement course of study. A common language and understanding of the subject among the 100+ Procurement Unit members was a very valuable and silo-breaking experience. I highly recommend the practice to other companies that are working hard to transform their procurement practices."
Thomas Billstein
Certified Sourcing Professional
"This program offers a deep dive and complete overview of strategic sourcing and the functional areas surrounding the acquisition lifecycle management."
David Romo
Certified Sourcing Professional
"I have been talking to my manager about process improvements based on the material I learned and actually got promoted from Sourcing Advisor to Global Vendor Risk and Compliance Advisor, mainly thanks to the C3PRMP training and inspiration. I am planning to pursue Risk and Compliance Governance as a career path."
Gergana Ivanova
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
"The content is well thought, nicely structured and designed in a very simple language. The 12 weeks has a good spread on the content covering topics on finance, detailed study of each component in sourcing life cycle, governance, soft skills like negotiation and many more that really provoked my thoughts to change the way I was approaching sourcing a deal. Studying online provided me the flexibility to balance office work and finish each week's content. The assessments at the end of each lesson helped me to have thorough understanding of the topics discussed in the lesson. Additional reference materials are very good and helped me to broaden my knowledge on lot of topics. If one is interested in networking with their fellow sourcing professionals, this is the platform the provides opportunity to interact with professionals from different industry. I admire the knowledge of faculty covering the content every week and their interaction during the week through discussion forum was useful. I would recommend Certified Sourcing Professional for those who want to establish their career as a successful 'Sourcing Professional' and build a world-class 'Sourcing Team'."
Prema Shankarasubban
Certified Sourcing Professional
"C3PRMP certification course is well crafted, the modules and the related contents are structured in such a way that it covers all the important Third-Party Risk Management Concepts with great clarity and precision. Linda through her effective and flawless delivery of each of the modules demonstrates that she is a SME in this area. The discussion forum was very collaborative as we could discuss all the real time challenges in this area and how it is being addressed by different organizations. This is a great platform for interacting with pioneers and experts in Third-Party Risk Management. The learnings from this course has enabled me to develop very good functionalities in our Third-Party Risk Management Platform “ISG GovernX”."
Divya Menon
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
"The C3PRMP training program brings a thorough and practical curriculum to its audience that leverages industry best practices to give third party risk management professionals, in any industry, the skills to either build a risk program from the ground up, or to enhance an already mature program. I would highly recommend the C3PRMP training. It is a value proposition for whatever stage your organization may be in its Third Party Oversight journey."
Kaya Taylor
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
"The CIAP program challenged my perspective on how automation should be harnessed by an organization. This program lays a basic foundation for business professionals to understand the automation industry, and then provides different frameworks for which your organization should leverage an automation strategy. Coming into this from a procurement perspective, I now feel better equipped to push a culture of strategic and intelligent automation."
Jordan Tipton
Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Honda North America
“The CIAP program was interesting, informative, and very enlightening. The program did a great job in presenting the project management discipline, program structure, and governance that are necessary for successful Intelligent Automation projects. There were many takeaways that will benefit companies, whether newly embarking on an IPA or RPA project, or those that are honing and expanding a digital transformation journey. It was an honor to be part of the inaugural class!”
Canda Rozier
Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
President, Collabra Consulting
“I wish this program would have been available before we started our RPA and IA journey. It would have been a great level setting experience for the company. As one of the executive sponsors, I could have created a much better view for our leadership of what we are doing.”
Mike Morsch
Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Vice President of Procurement & Supply Chain, CDK Global
“Intelligent automation is far more than a collection of cool emerging technologies. In order to actually add value, we must harness those technologies in a thoughtful, considered, and programmatic way. SIG University’s CIAP program teaches practitioners exactly how to do that, delivering clear, compelling, and thought-provoking instruction on making the most of any digital transformation rollout.”
Lawrence Kane
Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Senior Sourcing Leader
“For myself, the CSP Program was a good refresher on key concepts and methodologies, with an introduction to a few new items as well. For my team who has also participated in the program, the comprehensive, and well-rounded content provides the right amount of knowledge in an easy to understand format.”
Monica Oliverio
Certified Sourcing Professional
Honda North America
“I can bring so much of this program back to the joint teams to grow with these best-in-class lessons — precisely, the typical structure of a third-party risk program and the oversight governance of that framework.”
Cindy Lingerfelt
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Sourcing Specialist, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
“The Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional program was a great course… I learned a lot from the course which I could use for future projects.”
Shirley Yu
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Strategic Sourcing Manager, Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC
“My brain is in overdrive with all that I have learned from the program, as well as all I need to do in guiding my teams. While challenging, I am more confident now knowing what I know.”
Craig Libby
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Head of Enterprise Third Party Risk Management Data Analytics, Reporting and Quality Monitoring, USAA
“One of the key findings from the C3PRMP program was how substantially different reputational risks are from all other categories of risk…After the lessons on reputational risk and respective control frameworks, I now have a very different view on those risks...”
Klaus Kerschbaumer
Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Principal Consultant, Information Services Group (ISG)
"The CSP Program is a great source of information to practice day to day Sourcing business. My top takeaways were learning category segmentation, sourcing strategy development, project management principles and working in a cross functional sourcing team."
Catherine Syrard
Certified Sourcing Professional
National Bank of Canada
"SIG University is very applicable to today's environment; well organized from start to finish."
Eric Gray
"SIG University is engaging, interactive and successful. It was a great refresher after being in procurement for 15 years, and I like to hear other people's stories."
Laura Hamill
Certified Sourcing Professional
"The CSP Program is informative, helpful and comprehensive. I appreciated getting a better understanding of the overall sourcing process and helpful tools and protocol that can be used to make sourcing more efficient."
Amy Albus
Certified Sourcing Professional
Thomson Reuters
"Great program! The material covered the procurement industry and function well. A true cradle to grave approach to training the various accountabilities. I really liked that it was focused on more than contracting and negotiation strategies but included Project Management, Communication Management and other key components such as Category Management."
Allison Brown
Certified Sourcing Professional
Florida Blue
"SIG U is 5 star quality! The CSP Program gave me more confidence in my knowledge of the sourcing industry. It provided me with a line of sight into how some other countries or corporations approach similar projects differently."
Michael Kelly
Certified Sourcing Professional
Sun Life Financial