SIG Speaks to Bruce Morton, Global Head of Strategy, Allegis Global Solutions

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Bruce is a distinguished thought leader and global innovator, with over three decades’ experience within the human capital and workforce management industry. In his current role, Bruce is involved in new services and product idea generation, sales presentations, internal and external evangelism, digital and social media strategies, and lead generation. He gives us an inside look into his role, how he acts as a key partner to the business and his outlook on the future of work.

Your CPO keynote presentation at the Denver CPO Meet and Eat is about leveraging spend management within services categories--why is this an important topic?

There is a lot of talk about spend analytics, data and how that is the future of success. Our position is that spend analytics is a wonderful tool and capability but we’ve yet to see the capability evolve beyond goods-level detail.  As procurement teams are continuing to try to find ways to better address services spend and deliver value to their organizations, we feel that there is tremendous opportunity by thinking differently about this space.

Can you share a little more about your day-to-day role and responsibilities as the Global Head of Strategy for Allegis Global Solutions (AGS)?

I develop strategy, translate it for people across functions and business units, and drive organizational change. This includes tackling company-wide challenges and developing new business opportunities. I probably split my time equally between strategy development and execution, but my bias is toward the latter. In a nutshell, I drive decision-making that sustains organizational change.

How do you think technology will change or impact the way you approach your job in the future?

Our belief at AGS is that technology will have tremendous impacts on the way the world acquires talent and how work gets done. It’s already happening everywhere we look. We’re using bots, AI and machine learning in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible not that long ago, and our view is that those impacts will only become more prominent as technology continues to evolve.

What is something that you wish more people knew about talent and workforce management?

It’s not just HR’s responsibility. It impacts so many parts of an organization and can be one of the most important pieces of a company’s strategy. The war for talent is real and we’re working with our customers every day across stakeholders in procurement, legal, and risk – along with HR – to address the challenges and opportunities that more and more companies are facing when getting work done and growing their businesses.

What career or practical advice do you have for people who are looking to grow their skills and make an impact in the workforce management field?

It’s not just about recruiting anymore. Build your people skills – be a tremendous communicator and build your marketing and influencing skills. Embrace technology and ensure that you’re keeping up to date on how technology can enable better and more efficient processes. Also, understand and build upon how workforce management spans the functional spectrum across HR and into procurement and the supply chain. The new roles we see gaining traction in the near future could be described as an Organizational Engineer or Architect. It’s critical that companies are evolving their thought process about how to get work done and working across functional areas to make the best decisions to enable success for their organizations.

Bruce is a frequent contributor to Future of Sourcing, a digital publication where he writes on topics that include the future of work, millennial workforces, and other topics in workforce management. Follow him on Twitter at @BruceTalent.



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