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Thank you for your interest in presenting at a SIG event. Below you will find all the details, including the types of events we host, suggested topics, session descriptions and guidelines and more! Please contact Mary Zampino if you have any questions.


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Types of SIG Events

  • Global events: three action-packed days with keynote and breakout sessions plus networking. Audience is 300-350 participants; 65% (or more) buy-side. See more information here
  • Regional SIGnature events: one powerful day of benchmarking, learning and networking in roundtables, sessions and workshops. Audience is about 75-partipants; 95% buy-side. See more information here

Benefits to Presenting 

  • One (1) speaker from each buy-side company can attend the Summit for free (including meals, but excluding hotel, airfare and transportation)
  • One (1) speaker from a member provider company can attend the Summit for free (including meals, but excluding hotel, airfare and transportation)
  • Opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership to colleagues
  • Receive recognition of your innovations and solutions
  • Play a leading role in shaping the industry
  • Exposure as speaker and session advertised in marketing materials (social media, email blasts & press releases)
  • Have presentation slides archived for future reference in the SIG Resource Center
  • Additional speaking and publishing opportunities at SIG Events, Future of Sourcing magazine, The Sourcing Industry Landscape podcast and SIG Speaks Blog
  • Speaker recognition on SIG website
  • Presentation abstract posted on SIG website 
  • A chance to impress senior executives and decision makers in audience 

Opportunities and Commitment

Description Time Slide Count Objective
Keynote Session 30-45 Minutes Minimal Leading edge topic or innovation
Lecture / Learn 35-50 Minutes 15-25 Discuss new market trends / solutions 
Case Study* 35-50 Minutes 15-25 Present a problem and discuss the solution
Panels* 35-50 Minutes Minimal Participate in a discussion with multiple panelists on single topic
Problem Solving 1-2 Hours 25+ Conduct workshop or design thinking on specific topic
SIG Talk 10-15 Minutes None Quick overview of a new innovation or launch
Day in the Life 20-30 Minutes None Quick overview of a specific role within Sourcing 

* At least one presenter or panelist in this session must be a sourcing professional in a buy-side role 

Session Descriptions and Guidelines

Keynote Session

All events | 30-35 Minutes | Executive Buy-side Practitioner or Senior-Level Advisor/Provider

Lecture / Learn

All events | 35-50 Minutes | Industry Thought Leader

  • This breakout-style session is intended to bring the latest information on disruptive trends and innovations. 
  • Presenters may be able to discuss early adopters or general case studies. 
  • The presenter shall be highly versed in their topic, and looked to as a leading advisor. 
  • Recent presentation topics included agility, digital strategy, blockchain, machine learning, digital trends and their impact. 
  • A presentation slide deck is required and accompanying white papers or research materials are encouraged. 

Case Study

All events | 30-50 Minutes | Buy-side sourcing practitioner with option of partner advisor/provider

  • This breakout-style session is intended to concentrate on a problem statement and provide the solution applied, including details regarding problem definition, solution selection, implementation, success measurement and governance. 
  • Should include specific case studies, best practices, lessons learned, take-aways, actionable tools and other artifacts. 
  • Recent presentation topics can be found here and here
  • A buy-side perspective is required. 
  • A presentation slide deck is required. 


All events | 30-50 Minutes | Buy- and sell-side participants 

  • Intended to bring together many perspectives from different companies and possibly industries to discuss a particular topic. 
  • SIG can help facilitate the panel participants, topics and/or discussion questions. If you have an idea, propose it and we'll work on it! 
  • A description of a very successful panel at the Fall 2018 Summit can be found here
  • A simple presentation deck is required and can be developed by SIG. 

Problem Solving | Labs | Workshops  

All events | 1-2 hours | Buy- or sell-side participants 

  • In this session, a pre-determined "problem" is proposed and attendees will derive a solution.
  • For example, a set of delegates could design a set of requirements or build a set of contract clauses/terms or build a lists of skills sets for various job functions or rewrite SOWs for services contracts. 
  • A detailed presentation deck with supporting material is required. 

SIG Talk

All events | 10-15 Minutes | Any thought leader 

  • Styled after the popular Ted-Talks, SIG Talks allow for a quick overview of unique solution applied innovatively. 
  • For example building a real-time dashboard for category market data, a self-sourcing contingent labor tool, how online access allowed suppliers and buyers to collaborate. Click here for more examples from the 2019 Future of Sourcing Awards talks. 
  • No slide deck or other material is required. 

Day in the Life

All events | 20-30 Minutes | Buy-side Company Practitioner 

  • This session is intended to provide a quick overview of a specific role within the sourcing function.
  • The presenter may answer questions: What is my primary role? How did I land on that role? What am I measured on? Where do I spend the majority of my time? What tools so I use most frequently? Who do I report to? Who reports to me? What are my goals for the next 3-months, 6-months, 1-year, 3-years, 5-years? Where do I see my competitive advantage? 
  • No slide deck or other materials are required. 

Deliverables and Milestones

Event Type Location Abstract Due Bio & Headshot Due Presentation Draft Due Presentation Due Event Date(s)
SIGnature Event Minneapolis, MN Jan 09 Jan 09 Feb 22 Feb 27 Mar 06
Global Summit Amelia Island, FL Jan 18 Feb 15 Mar 22 Apr 05 April 15-17
SIGnature Event Seattle, WA Mar 01 Mar 01 May 06 May 09 May 16
SIGnature Event New York, NY Jun 06 Jun 06 Sep 02 Sep 05 Sep 12
Global Summit Carlsbad, CA Jun 28 Aug 09 Sep 20 Oct 04 October 14-17
SIGnature Event Toronto, Canada Jul 26 Jul 26 Nov 04 Nov 07 Nov 14



  • All content will be vetted and approved and may be subject to enhancement for our audience. 
  • Title: 10-12 words that attract registrations and attendees. Examples here
  • Abstract: 100-150 words that describe the session and any learning objectives. Examples here
  • Bio & Headshot: 50-75 words that help us both promote and introduce your session. Social media links are welcome. Example here
  • Presentation deck: Use your own template. Build an outline and include take-aways. Examples here

Before the session

  • Presenter will provide a session title and abstract (SIG to provide a form) 
  • Presenter will provide a brief bio and headshot 
  • Presenter may provide a slide presentation (see above for applicability) 
  • Presenter will confirm attendance and provide details on arrival, including cell phone contact info
  • SIG will advertise you and your session on our website and in our marketing materials 

During the session 

  • Presenter will provide content that matches session title and abstract/learning objectives 
  • Presenter will address audience questions
  • SIG will provide presentation ready laptop with presentation slide deck (if applicable) loaded, microphone and slide advancing remote

After the session

  • SIG will ask attendees to evaluate presenters 
  • SIG will provide a PDF version of the presentation to event attendees on the SIG website
  • SIG will provide presenters with attendee evaluation details

Suggested Topics

SIG has been collecting topics for discussion from our event participants for years. Click here to download a comprehensive list. 

  • What's around the corner and how can I prepare? 
  • What's after category management? 
  • How do I find, obtain and retain the best talent? 
  • Who can help me with this tough category? 
  • What do these latest trends really mean for me and for my organization? 
  • What innovations can I implement to impress my boss and make our company more competitive? 
  • Where is the risk coming from and how can I possibly prepare for it? 
  • Are suppliers really listening? 
  • Why won't my buyer customer listen and do what I say? 


At a SIG Global Summit, you can expect 300-350 participants from Global 1000 companies; 65% or more are the buy-side practitioners and the remainder are the incredible companies that consult, advise, teach and provide solutions. 

At a SIG Regional event, you can expect 75 or more participants from Global 1000 companies; on average 95% are buy-side practitioners with only the sponsoring providers in attendance. 

Past Presentations

The SIG Resource Center contains a vast library of presentations made at SIG events. 

Past Promotions

Help and Contact Info

Any remaining questions on content, requirements, compensation, logistics, promotion or anything else? Reach out to Mary Zampino at or +1.206.418.9665