Proving Real Value-Closing the Performance Perception Gap Between Finance and Procurement

Date :October 26, 2010
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ICG Commerce

Final results from a new research study by The Hackett Group will introduce tools and metrics that can help Procurement evolve its value proposition. Facing continued pressure from Finance and the organization as a whole to drive more savings to the bottom line, Procurement executives must not only maximize savings across all areas of spend, but also prove that they are indeed delivering strategic value in order to gain credibility with their Finance counterparts. Hackett’s latest research uncovers the differences in how Finance and Procurement executives define and measure real savings, particularly in the highly fragmented categories of indirect or “non-core” spend like IT, telecom, marketing, professional services, MRO, etc. Lack of alignment, inconsistent processes and measures as well as the inability to systematically and rigorously track both non-core spend and realized savings (actual savings delivered at the point of spend versus the point of contract) can lead many Finance executives to question the performance of their Procurement organizations.

In this webinar you will learn:

* The root causes of misaligned Procurement performance perceptions among Finance and Procurement leaders and opportunities to bridge the gap

* How Procurement leaders can identify and drive more savings to the bottom line 

* How to measure and track realized savings post-sourcing to demonstrate significant, tangible results to the C-suite

* What best-in-class companies are doing to achieve critical spend visibility and maximize realized savings through case study