Process Analysis and Savings Opportunities


SIG’s Process Analysis and Savings Opportunities Working Council was formed to take a closer look at how organizations are currently analyzing spend in order to emphasize alternatives to realize cost-savings such as implementing measures that focus on business process analysis to improve operational efficiency. Ultimately, this council will develop a general framework to help evaluate and optimize processes to uncover and realize savings opportunities.

While the onus will be placed on SIG’s buy-side members to share their experiences, SIG also invites sell-side members to contribute their subject-matter expertise to establish a best practice framework.

John Bree, an experienced financial industry executive, former Deutsche Bank VRM Global Head and currently SVP and Partner at Neo Group, will be the Working Council’s Sell-side Chair responsible for leading the group and encouraging thought leadership, subject-matter expertise and overall guidance to help you analyze business processes and find opportunities to reduce costs.

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Group Chair

John Bree
Senior Vice President & Partner, NEO Group