PeopleTicker Partner Portal


SIG and PeopleTicker have partnered to provide SIG members with insights and analysis to help them capture greater understanding of their Procurement and Sourcing Roles with members-only access to the Procurement Labor Index. With the understanding that SIG members also manage a large and growing Labor Commodity at their organizations, SIG and PeopleTicker are also providing members with a 25% discount to the PeopleTicker Online Job store.
SIG members gain practical knowledge and empowerment from PeopleTicker’s Global Labor Rate Data and solution that empowers Procurement, HR and SOW Project leaders with the knowledge to take control of negotiations and effectively manage their labor spend. Behind PeopleTicker's compensation results, lives and breathes an organization of professionals dedicated to helping companies prosper and expand by making the most informed pricing & hiring decisions possible. Whether you choose the Full-Service Enterprise solution or our Self-Service Job Library Store for on-demand benchmarking, you continually benefit from monthly updates to support direct sourcing and retention, contract-to-hire conversions, gig, project, and contract workers.

We open the playbook for Procurement.

The PeopleTicker helps you peel back the bill rate for transparency into candidate pay rates and supplier markups.

Empower your team to negotiate like a pro.

Even if you are new to labor procurement the PeopleTicker will make you look and sound like a seasoned veteran with access to Pay Rates, Markups and Bill Rate structures.


Avoid pricing RFPs.

Are you still asking your suppliers what they charge? Get better and quicker results by using PeopleTicker to know market pricing and start telling suppliers what you will pay.


Need to show savings? We help Reduce costs!

Be a hero by showing documented savings. Let PeopleTicker show you your current engagement prices against market prices to claim savings.