Supplier Diversity > designating spend

This SIG Member from the Buy-side is considering an initiative to intensify their supplier diversity efforts. Building on efforts to include diverse business into RFPs, they may carve out portions of business to award to diverse business, for example, making the decision to award to a diverse-owned business.

This SIG Member is seeking your insights and experiences.


Has your company built sets of rules/criteria for a sourcing project where:

1) Diversity Equity & Inclusion staff (or representative from that department) MUST be engaged in an RFP or sourcing project? 

2) What are the characteristics of contracts or awards that a company should focus its supplier outreach efforts on a certain diverse-ownership business type?   (for example, public facing)

3) Has anyone defined how, when and why sourcing may intentionally exclude qualified businesses based on an ownership profile?

4) Would you be willing to have a conversation to discuss further?


Advisors and providers, you are welcome to provide your insights, experiences and thought leadership. 


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