Sourcing Best Practices: Labeling Critical Requirements and Notifying Bid Finalists

Contract Terms and Conditions

In most situations, the business end unit has a certain set of requirements that must be met by the awarded supplier. These are typically outlined as a scope of work or requirements listing in the RFP and then translated into clauses in the contract phase. However, not all requirements are critical. Some can be mitigated or subject to work-arounds. 

How has your organization handled the process of identifying critical (e.g. "make or break") requirements/clauses? Do you distinguish them in the RFP stage? Or wait until evaluations and negotiations have begun and are moving to the contracting phase? 


Timing of Notifying Finalists

We are not a public company, therefore we do not have any rules regarding when to notify bidders that they have not been awarded the contract at the end of the bidding phase. 

When does your company notify bidders that they have not been selected as the awarded supplier? Before or after the contract with the finalist has been completed? What are your insights and recommendations on this matter? 


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