Savings: Value Add Savings Methodologies

Looking to see if you could ask other SIG buy-side members if they measure/report "savings" associated with the following value add services that Procurement provides. 

If so, can they share their savings methodologies (how savings are calculated)?

  1. Supplier Collaboration (Collaborative Research and Development , Supplier suggested-driven Cost Optimization)
  2. Product Design (SKU Product Standardization, New Specification)
  3. Demand Management (Component Substitution & Standardization, Preferred Parts Mgmt, Efficient Consumption)
  4. Supply Risk Management (Joint Materials Planning, Alternate Supplier/Price Decisions)
  5. Sustainable Buying (Supplier Sustainability Devp., Green Sourcing, Waste Mgmt & Recycling, Policy & Regulatory Compliance)
  6. Supplier Chain Integration (Supplier Process Collaboration, Make or Buy Equilibrium, Distib. & Warehouse and Transport Cost Optimization)
  7. Tactical Cost Management (Tax-efficient Procurement, Contract Optimization, Inventory Optimization, Contract Compliance Mgmt.)
  8. Transactional Process Improvements (E-Procurement, Requisition-to-pay Automation, Forecast/Planning and Invoice Process Optimization)

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