Responsible Sourcing - What are your best practices?

Summary: Seeking best practices for responsible sourcing of indirect goods and services


> "Indirect" - all purchases aside from commodities/ingredients and packaging. Examples - warehousing, temporary labor, professional services, office supplies, MRO (spell this out), building construction operations and maintenance, supplies, media agencies, etc.

> "Responsible Sourcing" or "social risk" measured against four pillars commonly found in a Supplier Code of Conduct, human rights, health and safety, environment, and business integrity


1) What criteria does your organization use to evaluate risk in social/responsible sourcing, specifically with indirect categories?

2) What indirect categories have you found to be most risky and in what pillars of a supplier code?

3) What tools and processes are best to support responsible sourcing programs in indirect?


4) Does your company approach services differently than manufactured goods? (example - type of risk review process, audit protocol, etc.)

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