P-Cards and Workday

This SIG Buy-side Member is from the Finance and Insurance industry. They recently implemented Workday as their ERP system and are now in the process of developing a P-Card (Purchasing Card) program. They would like to speak with other practitioners who have successfully implemented a P-Card program in combination with Workday.

Will you kindly provide your insights to the following:

1 - The planned use-case for a P-Card is the following: Internal customer creates a purchase requisition. Supplier will not accept a purchase order, e.g., order should be placed via the supplier's website and P-Card will be used for payment.  Procurement will upload the P-Card transactions from the bank into Workday and "verify" them (i.e., match them to a purchase order).  Has this process been implemented by other SIG members already?

2- If you are using a process like this, who has P-cards?  (Are they limited to your procurement/sourcing department or do departments have their own?)  Who handles the verification / matching process?

3 - How have you defined your company policy around P-cards and Travel cards, and have you had to enforce the use of P-cards instead of travel cards?

4 - Have you been able to use the data from P-cards to identify sourcing opportunities that resulted in savings?


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