Market Intelligence Research Firm/Tool

This SIG member from the buy-side and the SIG research team are interested in what your organization is using as a  Procurement market intelligence research/benchmarking firm/tool to help gain the most information to source (non-Mfg) related products and services. These items include, but are not limited to, gaining the latest and greatest information about;

  • Viable suppliers (large, small, & new)  in the market space to include their strengths and weaknesses
  • Best practices, trends, service level, KPI, etc.
  • Trends by category/industry
  • Building a comprehensive RFP - product/service specific questions addressing  functional requirements
  • Sourcing negotiation tactics by category
  • Implementation/transition to include; roadmaps, etc.
  • Benchmarking pricing

We would be interested in:

1) The name of the procurement market intelligence supplier/firm being used

2) Feedback using the tool/solution

3) Option to follow-up for any further discussions 


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