Managing contingent labor - flash benchmark

Our current Contingent Labor program is decentralized.  Different tools are utilized to request, procure and manage these resources depending on the type of Contingent Labor (e.g. temporary staffing, SOW consultants).  A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is utilized to source temporary staffing and to manage a vendor management system.  We are considering centralizing our Contingent Labor program to include uniform policies and procedures in addition to standard processes to request, procure and manage Contingent Labor.  


As such, we would like to understand from other SIG members the following:


1.Is your Contingent Labor Program centralized or decentralized?

a.If centralized, what department owns the program e.g. Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, other?

2.Do you use an MSP in support of your Contingent Labor program?  If yes,

a.What services are the MSP performing?

b.Are you utilizing them for staffing services too or is the MSP vendor neutral?

3.What tools (e.g. Vendor Management System) do you use to manage your Contingent Labor program?

4.How well defined are the policies and procedures governing your Contingent Labor Program?

a.From contingent labor perspective

b.From vendor perspective

c.From manager perspective

5.Do you have standard processes for onboarding and offboarding resources?


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