Key Supplier Review Meetings

We’re looking at potentially re-architecting our bi-annual key supplier review meetings and want to understand leading practices used by large enterprises. In our definition key suppliers are critical for service delivery and collectively account for roughly 80% of our external spend. At a high level, the intent of our key supplier summit is to bring together senior executives for an update on the business environment, applicable organizational realignment, and to gather insight around innovation and business value opportunities. 

1.Have you received value from key supplier summits (as opposed to individual 1:1 supplier meetings)?

2.What outcomes indicate success of these meetings?

3.How do you get key suppliers to embrace and actively participate in summit meetings?

4.How do you incentivize key suppliers to collaborate with the customer’s business interests in mind?

5.What is a typical agenda for your key supplier summit meetings?

6.What are focus areas for the meetings?

7.Who is involved? How do suppliers merit attendance?

8.How do you get suppliers to move past IP and proprietary data concerns to assure robust dialogue?

9.How frequently do these meetings occur?

10.Do you conduct these meetings virtually or in person? If virtual, how do you assure active engagement by participants?

11.What other leading practices can you share regarding this subject?


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