DE&I-focused consultants

This SIG Member from the buy-side is seeking a list of firms who are focused on advising and consulting for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in sourcing practices.

Like many of your organizations, this member has been practicing DE&I in their business partnerships and contracts for many years, and their stakeholders are dedicated to such programs and metrics as they align with corporate goals. 

However, this member is seeking specific case studies and advice on developing the most optimal metrics to gain the best value for both their partners and their business unit stakeholders. The initiative is coming from the HR Business partners who operate on the behalf of the DE&I company-wide corporate goal.

In summary they are looking for advice and input on firms that would help them 

1)Create and make sense of the metrics and data collected for DE&I

2)Provide insights on exactly what should be measured in DE&I

3)Serve as a partner on multiple DE&I initiatives in the organization's roadmap 

Have you worked or have knowledge of such a firm? If yes, please reply here with their name and any other information you would be willing to share. 

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