Category Maturity Model/s and Assessment Tools

This SIG buy-side member from the insurance industry is seeking to benchmark with other organizations on their category maturity model (CMM). Specifically, this member would like to benchmark and/or meet and discuss tools and processes to evaluate their existing Category Maturity Model and your company's "north star" actions and recommendation(s). The objective is to develop a model to improve alignment with evolving stakeholder objectives. 

Below is a draft of the CMM intended for development and deployment. The member would like to define deliverables for each phase of this process. 

  Foundational Intermediate Advanced Transformational
Internal Customer Management        
Strategic Category Management         
Supplier Relationship Management        





Benchmarking Questions

1. What process workstreams would you recommend for the insurance sector? The SIG buy-side member is currently targeting Strategic Category Management, SRM and ICM (Internal Customer Management) as the best workstreams. Specifically, can you share more on processes, capability elements, and the desired state? 

2. Does your organization offer transformation plans/support? 

- Training and Development

- Frameworks, Tools and Templates

- Best practice discussions 

3. If you are an advisor, or a practitioner who can recommend an advisor, does your organization offer an evaluation service? If so, does this include an evaluation of the SIG member's existing model as well as consultation to identify and prioritize competence gaps for development? 

- Otherwise, do you have self-assessment tools or know of an advisor who does? 

4. Would you be willing to meet and discuss further? 

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