Best Practices in Knowledge Management

This SIG member from the buy-side is interested in learning your best practices for sharing sourcing knowledge. Currently they have no structure on sharing information within their global organization sourcing organization (US, Europe & Asia). 

This member has been asked to lead an initiative to put something in place is seeking advice on where to begin. 

If you have experience with developing and/or maintaining a sourcing knowledge base, please take a moment and respond: 

1) What IT platform did you use and why?

2) What were the initial objectives you selected?

3) Was explicit and Tacit knowledge both in scope? If so how did you achieve to support tacit knowledge 

4) Was sharing failures part of your scope, if so did people participate in sharing?

5) How did you get people to stay active in sharing knowledge?

6) Do you recommend any goods books/white papers/templates/presentations on KM?


Would you be willing to meet and discuss best practices? If yes, please indictae below or reach out to Mary at

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